Philip Barnes

Is an Illustrator, Production Designer and Artist. Over the past five years he has worked on many independent productions including; comics, graphic design, character design, as well as making props and costumes for Film.

Currently Philip is working on the Lost City Studios comic “Bamboo” of which he is co-creator and Artist, along with Writer Thomas Scarlett.

Prior to his work with Lost City Studios, Philip was designing charters and concepts for possible comic books such as “Red Mask”. He was also a prop maker for the independent film “Hungerford” released in 2014 and he worked on the 2017 short film “Sweet Water” Directed by Drew Casson, as a production designer and set artist.

Philip also spends his time creating original Prints and Artwork based on pop-culture and gaming. You can find him touring many Comic-con events in the UK, promoting his comic book and artwork while meeting Fans and other Artists.

Philip Signature.jpg